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Who we are

MD H2E is a program of the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Center for Integrative Medicine. MD H2E catalyzes social and operational change by promoting environmental health and sustainability,reducing health care’s ecological footprint, and reducing exposures that protect human health and the environment.


A culture of environmental health and sustainability in Maryland’s health care community.


MD H2E utilizes technical assistance, education, networking and recognition to advance the environmental health and sustainability culture. MD H2E collaborates with a wide network of public and private sector allies to leverage and build on the work of these organizations to advance a shared vision of environmental health and sustainability.


At the onset, the vision was for MD H2E to be a short-lived initiative. However, due to the large environmental footprint and potential health impacts of hospitals and the need to positively impact the well-being of communities in and around them in Maryland, MD H2E expanded the initiative to include: resource conservation, healthy sustainable food, community health and wellness.MD H2E was developed in 2005 at the University of Maryland School of Nursing as a statewide taxi heathrow initiative to: eliminate mercury and other pollutants from health care incineration; reduce the quantity and toxicity of health care waste; minimize trading cryptocurrency worker, patient, and public health exposures to toxic substances.

In 2013, MD H2E became a program of the Center for Integrative Medicine, a National Institutes of Health Center for Excellence in Healthcare at the University of Maryland School clinica kinetoterapie of Medicine. This partnership provides MD H2E with a strong foundation and strengthens MD H2E’s values to support and encourage outstanding efforts in sustainable healthcare.