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Here you will find case studies, reports, presentations, survey results and third party articles of importance that serve to educate and inform in areas of greener healthcare.

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Document NameDate PublishedCategorySustainability Pillar
Document NameDate PublishedCategorySustainability Pillar
MD H2E Case Study Compliation November 4, 2008 Case Study Waste, toxics 
Health professionals must act to tackle climate change November 25, 2009 Article Climate change 
Cost Saving Strategies for purchasing local sustainable foods May 24, 2011 Report Food 
Bike Friendly Hospital, Anne Arundel Medical Center April 9, 2013 Case Study Toxics, population health 
Healthy Food and Beverage Choices, GBMC April 9, 2013 Case Study Food 
Newborn Pesticide Reduction Pilot, UMMC April 9, 2013 Case Study Toxics 
Employee Plot Based Garden, Sinai Hospital April 9, 2013 Case Study Food, water, population health 
Bulk Waste Reduction Program, Medstar Union Memorial Hospital April 9, 2013 Case Study Waste 
Health Care Facility Climate Change Resiliency Toolkit: Facilitators Guide April 13, 2013 Report Climate Change; Resiliency 
Domestic Detox: Creating a healthier and more sustainable home April 15, 2013 Presentation Toxics reduction 
Maryland Hospitals 2013 Sustainability Best Practices September 10, 2013 Survey results Toxics, green building, water, food, energy 
Maryland Hospital Energy Benchmarking Survey October 10, 2013 Survey results Energy 
Sustainable Purchasing in Healthcare June 18, 2014 Presentation Greening the Supply Chain 
Easy steps to local food procurement for institutions July 9, 2014 Local Report Local food procurement 
WHO Solid Medical Waste Manual August 1, 2014 Report Waste 
Maryland Hospitals 2014 Sustainable Best Practices September 9, 2014 Survey results Toxics green building, water, food, energy 
Addressing Physician Engagement in healthcare sustainability September 9, 2014 Presentation Greening the OR 
The Sustainable Supply Chain September 9, 2014 Presentation Greening the Supply Chain 
Maryland Hospitals use Dashboard to Improve Sustainability Programs September 10, 2014 Case Study Waste, Energy, Food 
GBMC Low Unit of Measurement October 9, 2014 Case Study Waste, energy 
Upper Chesapeake Medical Center Combined Heat and Power October 9, 2014 Case Study Energy 
GBMC Energy Management Journey October 9, 2014 Case Study Energy 
University of Maryland Medical Center Increasing Healthy Food October 9, 2014 Case Study Food 
Franklin Square Hospital: Green Cleaning October 14, 2014 Case Study Toxics 
More patients see green initiatives as deciding factor for choosing hospitals October 23, 2014 Case Study Culture change 
3 ways to sell your hospital on sustainability March 5, 2015 Article Culture Change 
Maryland Hospitals, Sustainability and Community Benefit March 13, 2015 Report Healthy Food, Toxics, Waste 
Recycling Construction Debris, GBMC October 21, 2015 Case Study Waste, Energy 
Supply Biodecontamination, Johns Hopkins Hospital October 21, 2015 Case Study Waste, Toxics 
Reducing RMW through employee engagement, Lifebridge Health October 21, 2015 Case Study Waste, Engagement 
Energy Investment Fund, Adventist Healthcare October 21, 2015 Case Study Energy; Leadership 
Showing 31 items